The Only Conference Covering Every Aspect of Getting Your Biosimilar to Market Faster, Cheaper and Easier 

We know that the competition to get your biosimilar to market first is fierce - and it's only getting fiercer!  So it's never been more essential to perfect your market strategy - ensuring it's  taking into consideration global regulations and healthcare systems, boosting stakeholder confidence and pricing. 

Over 3 days of expert case-study presentations, you'll get to listen to insights that will help you to tailor your commercial strategy to penetrate both established and emerging markets.

Worried about your NDA? Don't be. Chatham House Rules will be set for the meeting, and you don't have to mention your strategy at all - this is your space to listen to best practice strategies, and arm yourself with the tools you need to ensure your biosimilar survives in this fierce market.

So join us this May to:

  • Exploit opportunities to broaden patient access by hearing insight from Sandoz and Gedeon Ritcher on how to break into new and emerging markets, with huge scope for economic growth
  • Learn from the experts by hearing panel discussions with Fresenius Kabi, NICE and the NHS to overcome the lack of confidence at each level, in an effort to battle misinformation and ensure a complete, end-to-end strategy
  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of global healthcare systems and regulatory affairs, giving you the tools to develop a bulletproof and international commercial strategy
  • Understand how both Big Pharma and SMEs successfully launched biosimilars into the European Market in 2019 and avoided competition
  • Start off on the right foot by appreciating the importance of incorporating the supply chain and manufacturing functions into your market access strategy

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Benefits of Attendance

Plan your global access strategies with market insights from the EU, US, and Emerging Markets

Assess national policy developments such as education, incentives and government investments

Discuss the sustainability of the biosimilars market and strategise on how to safeguard your future profits

Secure international regulatory approval with advice about global regulatory compliance

Deep-dive into the latest trends and innovations in analytics, development & pharmacovigilance

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