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Cell and Gene Theraphy Infographic

Over the last 12 months, the cell and gene therapy manufacturing sphere has matured vastly with more companies advancing to commercial products, especially with allogenic therapies. Now that the theory behind the therapy is catching up with the technology, the two can come together to progress towards producing commercial products.

Pharma IQ created a report on the cell and gene manufacturing activity that is occurring across Europe regarding the road to commercializing these therapies. Download this piece to learn more about what clinical trials happening across Europe and what stage/ focus they are in. 

Cell & Gene Manufacturing Process Efficiencies: Best Practice Guide

The level of process efficiency behind today’s cell and gene therapies is said to rest at a low. The manufacturing behind them is mostly manual, due to the treatments mostly being within early development stages. There are, however, some cases where companies utilise partly automated solutions.

Pharma IQ spoke with Elena Meurer, Head of Pharmaceutical and Technical Development at apceth GmbH & Co.KG about the progress required behind this market in regards to process excellence Download this piece to learn more about:

  • The level of process efficiency behind today’s cell and gene therapies
  • The two major routes towards improvement Elena Meurer sees for the future
  • The greatest challenges for the market

Supplying for the Biologics Boom

The rising use of biosimilars  is expected to result in the near doubling of the size of pharma cold chain logistics business over the next three years. Pharma IQ spoke with Javier Gomez-Contreras Supply Chain BGx LATAM of GSK about the prospects for vaccine distribution as the industry serves the rise in demand.

Download this piece to learn more about:

  • How cold chain processes have to be adapted when transporting vaccines
  •  What the biggest challenges for the future of vaccine distribution are
  • Which new technologies can support how these vaccines are transported